Our Vacation Club is an Alternative to Timeshare Ownership.

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Our vacation club membership lets you enjoy luxury travel without the price tag. Our Personal Concierge can be as you want them to be. They book unique luxury 5 star vacations at 3 and 2 star prices, including luxury escapes, best all-inclusive resorts, travel and leisure, honeymoon packages and more. The luxurious experience of being a member of our club is too good to be kept to yourself, that is why we are encouraging you to spread the word to your friends. Best part? If you get three referrals, your membership will also be paid for!

As a vacation club member there are thousands of options at your fingertips with endless possibilities, your membership will give you the ability to enjoy each vacation like no other.

Are you the big travel enthusiast looking for a way to turn your passion into an earning opportunity? Maybe our luxury vacation club is just what you are looking for. Ours is a name that is widely known in the travel industry. We have the best connections with other travel businesses that offer the finest of services. Not only that, we can make the most luxurious travel dreams become a reality at an affordable rate.

Ours is a business that is not only empowered by popularity but by the amount of benefits that can be gained from it, too. We open up opportunities for people who dream not just of traveling but of starting their own home-based business as well. On top of the luxurious yet affordable travel packages we can offer as a form of non-monetary benefit, we can also provide top-of-the-line operational systems and business resources. Add to that the most helpful set of training modules that we can give and the entrepreneur can really go a long way.

You will find our membership service specialist friendly and eager to help you plan an ideal luxury vacation for you and your family. Our personal concierge can be as creative as you want them to be, they have the ability to book genuine vacations not available on the website. This includes customize and multi-destinations travel, exotic travel, safari tours, adventure and excursions and many more travel activities. To speak with our Personal Concierge, simply fill out the form and a representative will contact you on the date and time you specify.

Members Best Price Guarantee. With so many travel deals being offered on the internet, having the best price available at all times can be a moving target. Especially when some websites offer last minute deals that are sometime “too good to be true”. That’s why we developed the 100% Club Membership Best Price Guarantee (the best in the Industry). And we make it easy for you to submit your claim. Simply click on the Submit Your Claim button from the travel portal and you will be directed to a simple form to fill out. That’s it! No complicated hoops to jump through or complicated paperwork. Now you have the peace of mind that you own the best of the best.

Listed below are pictures of a few thing available.
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